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Rubena coloring shampoo

There is no denying it and no avoiding it - your hair will, at some point in life, start to lose its color and turn gray, probably sooner than later, as is the case with most adults, most of whom get their first grays well in their late 20s. Gray hair is not flattering and it affects how people perceive you and how confident and youthful you feel. Most people prefer to cover those graying colors with fresh natural tones but that can also be damaging to the hair if you’re not careful what you use.

Sometimes the color between dyes fades, especially with shades of red, you can quickly refresh it. If after dyeing your hair, the results are not exactly what you expected, you can change it with the shampoo.

It is probably the best solution when you start the hair dyeing adventure and want to experiment. When you want to deepen your natural color, give your hair shine and vitality, this shampoo is what you need.

A shampoo that lets you control
your grey for the look you want

The formula

The formula improves the hair structure and cares for your hair from roots to tips already while coloring. It also includes natural ingredients like jojoba, royal jelly and ginseng as each of these has a specific function to restore the look of your hair.

Ultra hydrating

Intense color and washing can often dry out hair and strip it of shine and moisture. That’s why we created Rubena shampoo with extra smoothing and conditioning properties

Boost your color

It has an ammonia-free and non-drip formula that not only covers grays but also boosts the color of the hair strands. The color comes with a hydrating conditioner which contains coconut oil. This helps smooth away frizz and roughness to give you sleek results that last.

Protection from within

Our formula is very protective. It supplies your hair with vitamins and minerals to give your hair а stronger look.

Rubena coloring shampoo

About product:

Natural ingredients
Full grey coverage

Hair coloring shampoo

Provides a gentle soothing sensation

Price: € 13.99


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